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COD'S is a collective of qualified individuals who had the same dream of creating a promised land for Architects and designers around the globe. 

The chosen one's design studio is always motivated to think, conceptualize, design, create and visualize.

COD'S undertake design challenges as a way of their lifestyle. The in-house Architects and designers are always responsible for their way of design and the satisfaction of the client. From inception to visualization all the stages of Architectural design will be cordially undertaken.

The key aspiration of CODS is to open the doors to Architects & designers to create anything and everything without hesitation to communicate their vision to the clients.

From organic designs to high tech parametric structures and facades; CODS will undertake the challenge behind the designer to re-create their designs into the international levels of communication and visualization. 

CODS is equipped with top-end technologies and software collaborations to acquire these benchmarks. A professionally qualified team is always eager to deliver the cutting edge output with design dynamics and design principles brainstormed effectively in a smart work ethic.

Rendering is no more traditional with CODS; as we are capable of producing Realistic still images to the star category, Realistic walkthrough videos, and Detailed freehand renderings. VR rendering and 360 technologies will be delivered to you to impress your clients like never before; with our specialized team.

Architectural & Non-Architectural model making will be done for both designing and presentation purposes. The latest cutting edge technologies will be combined with the standard model making strategies with highly skilled model makers; to deliver you elegant and neat output to the exhibit standards. 

Photography of Architectural spaces will be a generation ahead of other than the conventional magazine aimed at photography.

Our experienced team will be touching the senses of the spaces to highlight the designer's intents and to carve out the design elements which to be communicated through the interior design/built environment.

Wall Art

Communication through architectural and interior installations are the tools to enhance the ambiance of the spaces. 

creating the masterpiece installations with colors textures and patterns will be bizarre in our workshops on the hands of design expertise.

the THINKING OUT OF THE BOX and modern hybrid art movements are frequently exercised.

The design-related simulations and detailed reporting to support the new age building technologies and research-based architectural design.

CODS is well equipped with the relevant tools and experts in the most demanded simulation tools used in architecture and design.

The web interface is no more rigid and scroll-able with our design team; who interprets a web interface as a sequential flow that unveils with a prefixed script.

Also with enhanced user interactions and responses that will assist the web visitor to navigate trough and pinpoint to their selections.

Marketing and promoting in parallel with advertising is the goal that our team always get together to design.


Architectural documentation for various design and documentary purposes is highly guaranteed by CODS to convince your clients like never before.

The team has both academic and industry experience to produce such video-based and slide-based documentation to new heights with competitive presentation skills to match with international recognition.

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